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Previous Productions > the 1980s

January 1980 Hobson's Choice Harold Brighouse
April 1980 Absent Friends Alan Ayckbourn
September 1980 The Dame of Sark William Douglas Hume
January 1981 Rookery Nook Ben Travers
April 1981 Queen Elizabeth Slept Here Talbot Rothwell
September 1981 The Sunshine Boys Neil Simon
January 1982 Tonight at 7.30 Noel Coward
April 1982 Look after Lulu Noel Coward
September 1982 Ten Times Table Alan Ayckbourn
January 1983 Arms and the Man George Bernard Shaw
April 1983 A Picture of Autumn N.C. Hunter
September 1983 Outside Edge Richard Harris
January 1984 My Three Angels Sam & Bella Spewack
May 1984 Inherit the Wind Jerome Lawrence & Robert E Lee
September 1984 Table Manners Alan Ayckbourn
January 1985 You Can't take it with You Moss Hart & George S Kaufman
May 1985 The Importance of Being Earnest Oscar Wilde
September 1985 Joking Apart Alan Ayckbourn
January 1986 Separate Tables Terence Rattigan
May 1986 Light up the Sky Moss Hart
September 1986 Quartermaines Terms Simon Gray
January 1987 Season Greetings Alan Ayckbourn
May 1987 Spiders Web Agatha Christie
September 1987 Conduct Unbecoming Barry England
January 1988 Pack of Lies Hugh Whitemore
April 1988 Living Together Alan Ayckbourn
September 1988 Trap for a Lonely Man Robert Thomas
January 1989 Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen
April 1989 Zack Harold Brighouse
October 1989 Sisterly Feelings Alan Ayckbourn